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Pasquale (Shuten) Esposito is an actor and works professionally in the film industry. His acting has been profoundly influenced and guided by his passion to explore the nature of what is real. Being an actor forces him to research “expression and communication” in depth. He was officially ordained at the Fudenji Zen Temple in Italy by the Zen master Fausto Taiten Guareschi.

Pasquale is the President of the cultural association “Flowers in the Sky”, an organization that gathers research and education for the possibility to wake up to our original nature : physically, socially and spiritually. He has been certified by the I.I.F.A.B (www.iifab.org) to guide and lead Bioenergetics Exercise Groups/Classes.

He studied Chinese medicine, and has been trained in Shiatsu massage. He studied Chi Gong, with various world-recognized Chinese Masters (He has also studied Kundalini yoga and the martial art of Aikido, for many years. Pasquale followed for years the Gurdjeff's teaching in Los Angeles, London and in Rome. Among other things, He practices boxing at an amateur level to keep himself awake.

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